Guest Book 1998

Edition of 5: 1999/2016
12″ x 12″


In response to the steady stream of visitors to Dobbin Mill, Silverberg began a series of artist books where a visitor was invited to collaborate with her on a page of a book, in the spirit of a guest book. Silverberg produced individual papers for each participant. After ten guests complete their signature page, she sends each participant a set of 10 and makes a tiny edition of the remaining 5 sets.

Here is an example of the first completed Guest Book 1998 – and the selection of ‘visitors':

  1. - Katrin Dieckmann, Germany/NY
  2. - Christine Dixie, Grahamstown, South Africa
  3. - Agnes Eperjesi, Budapest, Hungary
  4. - Leora Farber, Tennessee/ Johannesburg
  5. - Sophie Gruber, Vienna, Austria
  6. - Arimichi Iwasawa, Kyoto, Japan
  7. - Sugar Janos, Budapest
  8. - Linda Sihali, Soweto
  9. - Döce Váradi, Budapest
  10. - Diane Victor, Johannesburg