Poem (in French & English) by Carole Naggar
Varying edition of 5
Archival inkjet text on watermarked and altered Dobbin Mill papers

Front & Back cover
Poem in French
French detail
English detail
Front & Back coverIMG_5874Poem in FrenchFrench detailholesEnglish detailIMG_5940colophon

Silverberg responds to Naggar’s poem about her mother’s absence through an exploration of texture, color, and the haptic experience of reading. The haikus describe the loss of a parent as the ink fades over the course of the poem. Words and language are displayed on only 2 double page spreads, first in French and then in English, while, the visual experience & silence dominate the choreography of the read.

Carole Naggar is a poet, photography historian and painter. Among her poetry books are: En Blanc ( 1974), Night Light (1979) Corps (1980), Ukiyo-e (2005) and Voyage à Kyoto ( 2015). Her book “Night Haiku” was written in honor of her mother, Denise Naggar, who suffered from Alzheimer since 2003. It deals with feelings of loss and mourning.
Carole has known Robbin Ami Silverberg for 28 years and has written about her artwork. This is their first collaboration.