Artist book installation, in collaboration with Christoph Both-Asmus, Owanto, Andy Wenzel and Hervé Youmbi
Mixed media, archival inkjet, found material, Dobbin Mill papers

Jungle 1
Jungle 1a
Jungle 3
Jungle 2
Jungle 6
Jungle 7
Jungle 8
Jungle 12
Jungle 9
Jungle 10
Jungle 11
Jungle 4
Jungle 1Jungle 1aJungle 3Jungle 2Jungle 6Jungle 7Jungle 8Jungle 12Jungle 9Jungle 10Jungle 11Jungle 4

Although I have not been to the African Equatorial Forest, I have done extensive projects in South Africa, and have a strong commitment to activism. I first made the papers used by the group, processing plants and soil that Christoph Both-Asmus gathered in Gabon and Cameroon, which he brought back to Berlin, then had delivered to Gary van Wyk in Budapest, who brought them to New York for me to work with; I traveled them back to the continent of Africa to make the paper in Johannesburg at the Phumani Paper Studio, where I added more fiber from other African plants: ficus, banana, and sisal. The movement of material, both fiber and paper, echoed our collaborative efforts.
I have followed the inclination of the others in the Alma Collective by focusing on masks as symbols of healing. All the parts created & written traveled to my studio in Brooklyn, where I designed and built a performative installation emblematic of our exploration but also engaging the viewer in this dialogue about the crisis of our equatorial rain forests & their destruction: to become informed, to see/read our acts of healing, and to perform the viewers’ own rituals by taking on the masks themselves.
We have chosen to focus on healing in the face of environmental catastrophe.