Knitting Poetry

With Christiane Wustinger
Edition of 4: 1997
7.25″ x 21.5″ x 1.75″


This is the third collaboration in a series called “Tapestry Lunchbox.” The gobelins were designed and executed by Christiane Wustinger, Austria; concept, paper art, book design and construction are by Robbin Ami Silverberg.

Since pre-history, textiles were produced primarily by women. As women’s most important contribution to past societies, textiles can be interpreted for information about women’s roles, work and creative expression.

Here, three “gobelin” tapestries depict vertical images of imagined calligraphic poems; each is held in a paper wrapper with the black and graphite pulp painted image of the hand gestures needed to accomplish the calligraphic writing…gestures that are missing from the interlacing of two sets of threads at right angles to each other – which is the activity of weaving.