Sisters: Five Smooth Stones

With Louise McCagg
Edition of 5: 1993
Closed in star form: 22″ x 22″ x 8″


This book, which is a five part box structure, consists of two sets of cast paper heads and five texts, each different translations of Samuel 1.17.40. (when David meets goliath and casts forth his river stones to kill the giant).

The heads were life cast from five sisters, then shrunk.

The book requires the viewer to assemble the relation of the heads and texts and in doing so, explore the constellar relationship between siblings. This is accomplished by placing the large magnetized heads on the silver-leafed surface and holding them in place by a small magnet inside the box. The smaller heads are also magnetized and can be arranged as desired. The suggested forms for the book structure are:

closed in a star shape with the larger heads of the sisters facing each other;
in a row with the sisters’ heads facing out to the viewer; and,
turned outward with the sisters’ heads facing away from each other.