Varying edition of 27 (German, French & English): 2012/13
Archival inkjet printing & collage on Dobbin Mill papers with embedded & pulped paper detritus from New York City streets.

Abriss Open 1
Abriss Open 2
Abriss with Clamshell
Billboard at Subway Stairs
Abriss Open 1Abriss Open 2Abriss with ClamshellAbriss-on-clamshellBillboard at Subway Stairs

This artist book series – a nonlinear combination of installation, performance and the book – is one result of my ambulatory mapping project about New York City.  Since 2009, I have created hundreds of handmade flyers & postings that I’ve placed in specific locations around the city.   These postings engage the viewer in a discourse on ‘private vs. public’, while I explore the  psycho-geography of place and its memory.

The Serbian fairy tale, The Goat Ears, was originally used In 2011 when I was invited to exhibit in the Bildungshaus St. Benedikt, Seitenstetten, Austria.  I created two installations there, one for the gallery space and the other for the adjacent apple orchard, with large windows that let viewers see both simultaneously.  The tale explains that the ‘earth cannot keep secrets’ — reminding us that the concept of private is at best temporal and relative.

“Abriss”–kante is German for the tearoff edge or stub.

French translation: Carole Naggar
German translation: Cynthia Peck-Kubaczek

Texts are by the artist, except the excerpts from:

  • The Goat Ears of the Emperor Trojan, Andrew Lang’s Violet Fairy Book, 1901
  • Italo Calvino on Carlo Emilio Gadda, in Six Memos for the Next Millennium, 1988
  • Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec, 1974