After (the) Word

Varying edition of 3
Archival inkjet printing on translucent Dobbin Mill papers

Cover of After (the) Word
After (the) Word (1) copy 2
After (the) Word  2
Cover of After (the) WordAfter (the) Word (1) copy 2'After-(the)-Word'-detail-copyAfter (the) Word  2

Another book deconstruction, Silverberg took her printing of Pablo Neruda’s poem, The Word, for her Solomon’s Wisdom… and shuffled the words to make a new text about language and identity. This text appears on strips of paper, either sewn into the binding, printed on the page or, embedded in the translucent sheets. As a result the text changes its form & content dependent on the reader and the chosen sequencing.
With the translucent substrate, the possibilities of textual exploration and the layering that occurs create even greater richness of meaning. The resulting prose is a testament to the power of language, as it ends with: I utter and I am.