Edition of 10: 2009
Archival inkjet text on Dobbin Mill papers
9.25″ x 12.25″

April Or - Spread and Cover
April Or - Open
April Or - Spread
April Or - Open
April Or - Spread
April Or - Spread and CoverApril Or - OpenApril Or - SpreadApril Or - OpenApril Or - SpreadApril2April3AprilApril4

Two parallel texts are presented on folded slips of papers interspersed and between graphite pages that have water-formed holes. ‘The Secret Language of Flowers’ tells the story of HM, the memory-impaired patient who was pivotal in memory research over the past half century. ‘April’ is a prose poem, a personal statement of loss.

Together and in tandem they form a testament to memory and bereavement.