Book of Seconds: Memory Loss

Series of 15: 2005
Dobbin Mill papers with pulp painting and photo silkscreen-stenciled watermarking
Text: archival inkjet printed, typewritten and hand-written; text by artist
14″ x 12″ x 1″


Interspersed through this artist book are small handmade “Post-it” reminders, with prose on thoughts lost to time and memory–a mid-life reflection about forgetting. They are placed on a series of translucent leaves of abaca paper, which were made/dried with significant folds and draping. The delicate layering along with their crisp rattling sound, create a quiet poetry to the “reading,” adding to the sense of loss and change. The text is divided into 3 “chapters”: “Forgetting Names,” “Confusing Word Order,” and “Ideas Without Language.”