Continual Conversation with a Silent Man

Varying edition of 10
Archival inkjet text & photography on Dobbin Mill papers, underwear, aluminum foil.

Cont Conv 1
Cont Conv 2
Cont Conv 3
Cont Conv 2a
Cont Conv 6
Cont Conv 4
Cont Conv 1Cont Conv 2Cont Conv 3Cont Conv 2aCont Conv 6Cont Conv 46-Continual-Conversation-with-a-Silent-Man

Continual Conversation… is a book within a book: The larger stab binding of blue & black contains a sequence of pages, the paper made with embedded girls’ underwear & cut with player piano slots.  Out of context, the panties become anthropomorphized masks, along with ominously suggesting those little girls now absent.
A much smaller book can be found within its back cover. Idiosyncratic images and a text present the tale of an abused woman & her daughter who are pushed to suicide by their absent husband and father. It is based on Love Suicides, a Palm of Hand novella by Yasunari Kawabata, and told here through the descriptive titles of Wallace Steven’s poems.
Together this strange story and the panties of absent girls create a disconcerting dialogue of misogyny & loss.