Infraordinary: Foglalt

Varying edition of 2: 2013
Dobbin Mill papers, Vintage map re-published by Corvina, images by artist, text translated from Orkeny’s The Grotesque.


Foglalt (Occupied), made from a facsimile Budapest map from the 1900’s, references both Hungarian literature and its present day politics. The text is taken from Istvan Orkeny’s One Minute Story called The Grotesque, which sardonically requests the viewer to examine the world upside down between his legs – as if only then it could appear normal. Foglalt includes upside down images of present day Budapest on its wrap cover, one being a photo of the Fascist group, Magyar Garda.

George Perec’s notion of the ‘infraordinary’ (describing everything one sees until the description makes the place real) – was referenced here in the title.