Just 30 Words (Interlineary)

Edition of 30: 2005
Letterpress printed at Artists’ Press, South Africa on watermarked Dobbin Mill hemp papers, human hair and eggshell collage, piercing, and hand coloring
12″ x 9″ x 1″

Just 30 Words - detail
Just 30 Words - detail
Just 30 Words - detail
Just 30 Words - detail
Just30WordsJust30Words2Just30Words3Just 30 Words - detailJust 30 Words - detailJust 30 Words - detailJust 30 Words - detail

Postcards have been found that were written by deported Hungarian Jews to their relatives from Auschwitz, dictated by SS officers. Rules for responding correspondence can be found on the front:

“Answer only on a postcard, (maximum 30 words), in German via the Hungarian Jewish Association. 12 Sip Street, Budapest, VII.”

The starting point for “Just 30 words” was an attempt to do the impossible: to read between the lines of an actual postcard sent by a woman to her husband in 1944.

“Just 30 Words” sets up several scenarios that are each limited by the same dictate attached to those very postcards – any communiqué must be maximum 30 words. This is part of a continued exploration of language cognition: what words can actually communicate and their limitations. Each time, reading between the lines offers more than what can actually be read.