Memory Walk

Varied edition of 8
Archival inkjet printing and tempera painting on Dobbin Mill papers. Painted mapping lines done with the assistance of robots (artbots) built by Kaethe Wenzel, Berlin.

Mem walk 1a
Mem Walk 1
Mem Walk 2
Mem walk 3
Mem walk 4
Mem walk 5
Mem Walk 6
Mem walk 1aMem Walk 1Mem Walk 2Mem walk 3Mem walk 4Mem walk 5Mem Walk 6

Fascinated by the Memory Palace, a mnemonic device, which works with an architectural space in ones mind, I created my own, placing specific objects in it in order to remember them.
This book presents three different memory palaces designed as walks: the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay, my home & studio in Brooklyn, and the galleries of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Present, past and imagined spaces here all converge in the stab binding of layered translucency, along with a pamphlet with throw-out pages.
The copies each have an embedded cassette tape, with music connected to eight unique memories.