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Memory Walk

Varied edition of 8
Archival inkjet printing and gouache painting on Dobbin Mill papers. Painting done with the assistance of robots (artbots) built by Kaethe Wenzel, Berlin.

Mem walk 1a
Mem Walk 1
Mem Walk 2
Mem walk 3
Mem walk 4
Mem walk 5
Mem Walk 6
Mem walk 1aMem Walk 1Mem Walk 2Mem walk 3Mem walk 4Mem walk 5Mem Walk 6

Fascinated by the Memory Palace, a mnemonic device, which works with an architectural space in ones mind, I created my own, placing specific objects in it in order to remember them. Since episodic memory connects memories to locations, one can master information by mentally associating it with specific physical locations in an architectural space.
This book presents three different memory walks: the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay, my home & studio in Brooklyn, and the galleries of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Present, past and imagined spaces here all converge in the stab binding of layered translucency, along with a pamphlet with throw-out pages.