Mirror Mirror, or the Tainted Tain

edition of 10
A wrap box contains 9 unbound paper folders made of Dobbin Mill semi-translucent paper with pockets, to create a multi-layered reflection, each with archival inkjet text, self portrait photographs, foils & gild. 

Mirror 1
Mirror Mirror 1
Mirror 1a
Mirror 2
Mirror 2a
Mirror 3
Mirror Mirror 3
Mirror Mirror 4
Mirror Mirror detail
Mirror 1Mirror Mirror 1Mirror 1aMirror 2Mirror 2aMirror 3Mirror Mirror 3Mirror Mirror 4Mirror Mirror detail

“Mirror Mirror…” presents the Aristotlean perspective on menstruation in a self-exploration of the mirror image as identity. This proto-feminist obsession is presented as self-mocking as it riffs on the absurdity of the text and our present-day obsessions with self-presentation. Imagery was focused on selfies taken in dirty reflections (most often in computer & phone screens, as they are literally & figuratively ‘reflecting’ us back to ourselves). The choreography of the read is suggestive of the reverse axis of the mirror, a play on the text offered by Aristotle.