Reading Hot Spots in New York City

Varying edition of 10
Dobbin Mill papers with embedded pieces of Brooklyn Museum Library catalog cards, archival inkjet photos & found text, map, book cloth & ribbon

Hot Spots 1
Hot Spots 2
Reading Hot Spots copy
Hot Spots 3
Hot Spots detail copy
Hot Spots 4
Hot Spots 7
Hot Spots 8
Hot Spots 6
Hot Spots 5
Hot Spots 1Hot Spots 2Reading Hot Spots copyHot Spots 3Hot Spots detail copyHot Spots 4Hot Spots 7Hot Spots 8Hot Spots 6Hot Spots 5

In 2012 I received a map in the mail from the National Book Foundation called Reading Hot Spots in New York City. I had recently finished an edition of artist books made from maps and I knew that I must return to this extraordinary find, which eventually evolved into a box set with two books and a packet of cards.
The thematic focus was on book collections, starting with my own. Appropriating a sentence from a random selection of 340 books in my own library, each sentence selected from another numbered page, I wrote a text, that was then color-coded and printed in one half of the dos-รก-dos book, 340B: Sentences. In 340A, the titles & authors of these books are listed, along with the numbers of the pages where the sentences were found.
Sentences that pertain to books & reading are printed on the cards, along with photographs of some of my favorite bookshelves in New York City (from the Spencer Collection at the NYPL to a Time Square magazine rack).
The other book is made from the Reading Hot Spots map that I filigree-cut, refolded and sewed into a double pamphlet book structure, with a third selection of those sentences, that form a playful narrative. Together, these three components are an homage to my world of books in my beloved New York City.

Catalog cards courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum Libraries