Edition of 10: 2009
Archival inkjet images and text on Dobbin mill papers, typewriter, and CD

Rondo - book & film copy
Rondo1Rondo2Rondo3Rondo4Rondo6Rondo5rondo-last-pageRondo - book & film copy

My “Rondo” is based on István Örkény’s impressive one page ‘novella’, which includes irony, culture specific details, musical references, and a Post-Modern tempo all in his ‘to the point story’ of typist Mrs. Wolf. Its density literally acquired an outsized form when it is here re-written and re-interpreted as an artist book, where the musical rondo form clashes with its Post-Modern rhythm.
The choreography of the read is here defined by both the typography & its manipulation as it is by the structure, as the reader moves back and forth through pages bound left and right. The two booklets are bound inside of the case that is triptych is form.

The narrative, about a female typist, Mrs. Wolf, who works in an office for 25 years, is transformed into a sound poem and homage to ‘support workers’ (so often women) who are the small cogs in very large systems.

A sound performance on DVD is part of the book. The music, “Mrs. Wolf’s Dream” was composed and performed by Hungarian percussionist András Dés, who used paper I made for him (similar to the cover paper) as his instrument.

Catalog cards courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum Libraries