Seeing the Unsighted

Edition of 3
Box with 4 horsehair & wood brushes, a book of Dobbin Mill watermarked papers and archival inkjet photography, & palladium gilding

Seeing the Unsighted - open
Seeing the Unsighted
Synechdoche book
Synechdoche detail
half eye page
Brushes & texts
Brush:text detail
Seeing the Unsighted - openSeeing the UnsightedSynechdoche bookSynechdoche detailhalf eye pageBrushes & textsBrush:text detail7-Seeing1-Lash2-Lash3-Lash4-Lash

Several elements make up Seeing the Unsighted: a tray with 4 brushes & a thin square book. Each brush, handmade from poplar and horsehair, presents words that have been formed in the contrasting dark & light hair bristles: I AM / I WAS / EYE / DESIST — a palm of hand story in 6 words. The brushes sit in a tray with printed texts, fragments from Ovid’s The Metamorphoses along with the artist’s commentary. These texts expound on the words in the brushes resting above them.
The brushes’ physicality is in contrast to the compendium volume, Synecdoche, found beneath the tray. This artist book reveals a sequence of watermarked forms in translucent paper. The shapes appear abstract at first, but after the first pages, they are identifiable as eyelashes, with the eye appearing in the centerfold. The eye is a synecdoche – a stand-in for my ‘Self’, my existence — echoing the content of this artist book itself.