Solomon’s Wisdom: A Fable A Poem A Eulogy A Dream Ten Nests and Eight Holes

Edition of 5: 2011
Archival inkjet printing on Dobbin Mill papers, stainless steel staples.
13″ x 12″

Solomon's Wisdom Cover and Spread
Solomon's Wisdom Detail
Solomon's Wisdom Spread with Nest
Solomon's Wisdom Cover and Spread with Nest
Solomon's Wisdom Detail
Solomon's 1 copy
Solomon's 2 copy
Solomon's Wisdom Pages
Solomon's Wisdom Cover and SpreadSolomon's Wisdom DetailSolomon's Wisdom Spread with NestSolomon's Wisdom Cover and Spread with NestSolomon's Wisdom DetailSolomon's 1 copySolomon's 2 copySolomon's Wisdom Pages

A eulogy is ripped apart and stapled together again – leaving a gaping hole: an homage to both motherhood and to the wisdom that parts can never equal the whole. The book works with four texts: A synopsis of the Judgment of Solomon fable, excerpts from the poem, “The Word” by Pablo Neruda, a text fragment based on the artist’s dream, and her eulogy to her mother, along with a set of photographs of bird nests.