Subterranean Geography 2

Varying edition of 10: 2012
Cut MTA subway maps, Dobbin Mill papers with archival inkjet text & photos by the artist & library catalog cards, acrylic paint

Subterranean Geography Open
Subterranean Geography Expanded
Subterranean Detail 3
Subterranean Detail 1
Subterranean Geography OpenSubterranean Geography ExpandedSubterranean Detail 3Subterranean Detail 1

Subterranean Geography II is a nonlinear combination of installation and artist book – part of my ambulatory mapping project about New York City. Since 2009, I have created hundreds of handmade flyers & postings that I’ve placed in specific locations around the city.   These postings engage the viewer in a discourse on ‘private vs. public’, while I explore the psycho-geography of place and its memory.

Subterranean Geography II utilizes an actual subway map for the book block, to depict specific spaces and travel. The layered filigree pages contrast with the directness of the text and remind the viewer of the complexity of both described space and of feelings.

The book is divided into two pamphlets, each with a text about movement in the City: the first is a subway trip from a given day, the second, is an ambulatory mapping loaded with emotions and memory.

View the stop-motion film of Subterranean Geography 2 below  provided by Kate Farnaday.

Catalog cards courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum Libraries