Archival inkjet printing and palladium gild on watermarked Dobbin Mill papers
3 copies are included in the box set, Seeing the Unsighted

1. title in cover with 1st page
2. eye revealed
3. close up of centerfold
4.closeup of eye
5.last page with colophon
6. final page
7.Palladium & Goethe quote
1. title in cover with 1st page2. eye revealed3. close up of centerfold4.closeup of eye5.last page with colophon6. final page7.Palladium & Goethe quote

A synecdoche is a figure of speech in which a word for a part of something refers to the whole. In this artist book the sequence of shapes appearing in the watermarked pages reveals itself as eyelashes. The eye only appears in the centerfold: it is large and fully open: the sclera is bluish, the iris a rich blue, the pupils not dilated. Its caruncle is outside the picture frame and the eye seems almost avian. It is a stand-in for self.
At the end of the book under a translucent fly sheet of turquoise and grey, a palladium gilded circle appears with a quote in German & English by Goethe from Elective Affinities:
One always imagines oneself seeing. I think we dream solely to prevent ourselves from ceasing to see.