Simulacrum: Logos

Installation, 2005
Two sets of 24″ x 42″ each


“Simulacrum: Logos” considers language cognition – what words can actually communicate and their limitations. A catalyst for this work is research concerning left-right brain development, done by Joseph E. Bogen over the course of the past 40 years. Bogen’s research with ‘split-brain’ patients led him to posit the existence of a duality of mind with the corpus callosum functioning as the transfer point of high level information and the most elaborate function of the brain – creativity.

This installation is contained within a set of windows: the double casements hold two pairs of translucent papers. The papers are thick with many words: one layer of each set consists of text taken from an oral history of Ingebord B. Weinberger, an octagenarian recounting memories of her youth in Germany in the 1930s. The back layer takes its text directly from Bogen’s, Split-Brains: Inter-hemispheric Exchange in Creativity and from Estrogen and Alzheimer’s Disease by Brenna Cholerton, et al.

Two double-looped texts are recorded and are heard from behind the papers.