Installation, 2005/2006
Archival inkjet printing on Dobbin Mill papers
Dimensions: ranging from 60 x 8 x 18 cm to 90 x 8 x 18 cm, each

Text-iles Detail
TextilesText-iles Detail

In this installation, I utilized proverbs from cultures around the world that focus on woman’s work. It consists of a series of 11 wood and aluminum industrial thread spools, each with a hanging translucent abaca scarf, printed with a proverb about women’s work. Each text was manipulated to create textile-weaving patterns on the scarves.

List of proverbs used:

  • - Need teaches a naked woman weaving. (Czech)
  • - Educated woman, stupid housewife. (Dutch)
  • - Let women spin and not speak. (Gikuyu, Kenya)
  • - Thread and linen are the face of a girl. (Komi, RF)
  • - A wife is a stranger until she gives birth to a child. (Persian)
  • - Women have stronger neck muscles than men, to carry the firewood. (Venda, South Africa)
  • - The husband does not weave but is not without a shirt, the wife weaves but never wears two shirts at a time. (Russian)
  • - Women are said to be good at only spinning, crying and gossiping about their husbands. (German)
  • - Battlefield for man, childbirth for woman. (Maori, New Zealand)
  • - The wife grinds the husband sleeps; the wife weaves, the husband dances. (Russian)
  • - When God made the woman, he put beside her the distaff to distinguish her from man. (Romanian)