Unique: 2011
Archival inkjet photos & text from websites & readings about the 99%; aluminum foil & 22 karat gold leaf

99% Cover
99% Last Page
99% Detail
99% Detail
99% Cover99% Last Page99% Detail99% Detail99_detail99_499_299_1

In Fall 2011 during Occupy Wall Street, I noticed signage with people’s personal stories and photographed them. Then, sites cropped up with testaments from a wide range of people declaring their allegiance to the 99%. Most held up a paper with their message, usually with personal statements about themselves. Like Miss Lonelyhearts of literary fame, I was struck by the humility and great burdens of so many. I began to see them as our 21st century version of saints. The resulting artist book of 99% icons is my tribute to the 99% and all it represents.