Missing Books Series



Ongoing edition of unique artist books: 2012/13
Library catalog cards, paint, ink, typewriter & archival inkjet on Dobbin Mill paper, staples

Missing Books
double page spread from
detail of page from
Books at Night
The world was hers for the reading
The world was hers for the reading
Art. Series Poetry.
Missing Booksdouble page spread from "Hypostatized. Yet again."detail of page from "Hypostatized. Yet again."Books at NightThe world was hers for the readingThe world was hers for the readingArt. Series Poetry.

The tragedy of lost life and of the bookseller community of Al-Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad was the catalyst for a traveling book exhibition. Catalog cards from the Brooklyn Museum Libraries were utilized to reference the books destroyed and missing, by embedding them into translucent paper and created a series called “Lost Books”.
Subsequently, I decided to continue with this type of exploration and allow the catalog cards and their texts to suggest new directions for content.
In this series of unique works, “Missing Books” I’ve used collage, acrylic paint as ‘white-out’, and inks for manuscript-like commentary to develop their ‘story-lines’. Their subjects range from a commemoration of a memory, to proverbs about reading, to a reflection about books at night.