Dobbin Mill papers with embedded silks, archival inkjet & letterpress printing, papercuts & piercing

Smell of Winter - detail
Smell of Winter - detail
A Smell of Winter - Cover
A Smell of Winter - Spread with Nest
A Smell of Winter - Spread
A Smell of Winter - Perfume
Smell of Winter - detailSmell of Winter - detailA Smell of Winter - CoverA Smell of Winter - Spread with NestA Smell of Winter - SpreadA Smell of Winter - Perfume

Color, texture and layering, along with scent & sound, are all utilized here to evoke the feel of the ‘smell of winter’. The center signature depicts images of nests & vocal chords, juxtaposed with a sound poem, made of healing words of apraxia therapy. A DVD is included that contains nothing is until uttered in a clear voice video, where a camera goes down the artist’s throat to display her vocal chords while doing apraxial therapy exercises. Snow perfume, also included, was designed & produced in an edition of 14 spray vials – one for this unique work, and the other 13 for an edition to be produced in 2014.

Perfume by MCMC Fragrances, an artisanal perfumerie in Brooklyn, NY.
Clamshell production: Lee Marchalonis